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This will most likely be just a collection of my ramblings. I ride and train horses, so there is bound to be a lot of horse stuff. But I also just like to vent and this seems the perfect place.

Monday, September 29, 2008


This is my baby Titan. He is an APHA yearling gelding. He is the sweetest thing in the world and will do anything to please me. He is so much fun to work with and it is often times the bext part of my day. Well this morning I went out to do chores and when I walked up to pet him I held my hand out. He always checks my hand and then my pockets for treats. Today, however, when his lips touched my hand he jumped back like I had burnt him. Once I convinced him to let me take a look at his mouth (he struggled with wanting to do what he was told and instinct telling him to run from the pain). I lifted his lip and saw what used to be his cute baby teeth turned into a bloody mangled mess. I called the vet right away and he came out and took a look at Titan. Titan must have gotten his front teeth stuck in the chain that holds the gate closed and then jerked back and done a lot of damage. He ripped one tooth out completely and the others are all severely out of place. he had a gaping hole in one side of his mouth and has possibly cracked his jaw. He has surgery tomorrow but for right now he is resting in his stall. I feel so horrible for him. I know he is in pain yet when he sees me walking to his stall he nickers to me and puts his ears up. My poor boy.

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