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This will most likely be just a collection of my ramblings. I ride and train horses, so there is bound to be a lot of horse stuff. But I also just like to vent and this seems the perfect place.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Found a new girl that may need some help.
Black, 5 yr old, 15 hand, TB mare. She is about 3 hours from here. Her current owners are giving her away because they don't have time to actually have people come an dlook at her. I have seen pictures and videos. She is well broke for an experienced rider. Has the basics in dressage and is jumping 2'3" courses. Hasn't been shown. Very sweet mare.
The reason she is being given away is because she is too short. Her owners breed/train/sell horses that are in the $50,000-$80,000 range. All of their horses that they keep to train are over 17 hands. If they don't find her a home in the next few weeks she will be going to auction.
She sounds fun... she would be a great project to get now and start working with and then find her a good home this summer.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Meet Love

This is Love (aka Love Bug, Lovely, Lulu).
She is a 2008 APHA filly out of Shes My Pick by Rock Four. I was at an auction in October and she was the last horse in the ring. Since she was the last horse (there were about 5 minutes between her and the horse before her since her owners weren't paying attention) there were pretty much no bidders left. I was only sitting there because we figured we would let the lobby clear a bit before we made our way out. A known kill buyer in the area was there and maybe 10 or 12 others. They started the bidding at $800, then dropped to $600, then to $400, then to $100. The KB bid at $100. I really was just at the auction to help some clients but I couldn't let her go to kill. So I bid. He bid against me for a bit but I ended up getting her for $300.
She has a killer little jog, is slow legged and driven at the lope.
I am pretty excited to see what our spring and summer bring. Depending on how she does I may end up finding a new home for her or keeping her for myself. She does have a slight diviation in her right front that will prevent her from ever being an over fences horse but I don't think that is what she wants to do anyway. If nothing else she will be a fun trail horse.


Oh Mylanta! UPDATES!

I have been gone for a while!! Not actually gone but gone from Blogger for one reason or another. I am really going to attempt to get bakc on track this spring and summer with writing as I loved reading everyone elses blogs and getting all of your feedback!!

Quick update on all the horses:

Titan- He is still mama's favorite and totally knows it. He has been doing really well under saddle (at least until I had to take the last 2 months off due to the weather!

Gus- T still has him and is really excited to start working with him this spring. Though it is looking like he isn't going to get very big and since T is already close to 6' she may have to fine something else in the future.

Rocky- He is still a big jerk and is in a dry lot alone 24/7. He is next to the other horses but I am trying to avoid him bloodying up anyone else!

Lexy- Back up at her owners for the winter but is coming back this spring. Is doing REALLY well and is going to be an awesome little show mare for them.

Missy- Sold in August at a sale for $171. Broke my heart to see such a talented mare go to auction. But the lady that bought her seemed really excited to start working with her. I asked her to keep in touch with me but haven't heard anything.

Reno and Stacey- Both sold to the same lady in AZ. She is totally loving both of them. She also bought another horse I trained called Daisy and she can't decide which of the 3 she loves more.

Blue- Sold to a college guy in TN. Seemed to be the perfect match. I even checked refrences and everything but he turned around and sold Blue for about double what he paid for him about 2 months later. That was a huge bummer as well.

Biscuit- Still owned by the same people and they plan to bring him back in the spring I believe. He is an awesome little pony for me and my more advanced lesson kids but is too much pony for J. He is constantly taking advantage of her. I truly think that they should sell him and his brother (just a year younger) and buy J something that she can really learn on and not be afraid of. But who listens to thair trainer/instructor? I don't know anything I guess.

I don't think I forgot anyone...?


My new girl! I rescued her at an auction. She is such a sweet girl. She has a registration application that came with her (she is out of Shes My Pick by Rock Four). She is a cute little bay and is the most level headed 2 yr old I have ever met. Nothing seems to rattle her. Now that I have said that I am sure to be dumped from her many times this summer. I started another blog just about my training her "Adventures with Love"

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