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This will most likely be just a collection of my ramblings. I ride and train horses, so there is bound to be a lot of horse stuff. But I also just like to vent and this seems the perfect place.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Missy Ad.

Missy is a beautiful black 7 yr old, 14.3 h, registered quarter horse mare. Do to time constraints and other horses she has been left out in the pasture for the past several years. I started her under saddle early this spring and she is doing very well. She is a very pretty mover with a soft, floaty trot with flat knees. She can slow down and shorten up for western but really prefers to stride out for english. This little mare can JUMP! Cleared 3'6" easily when she was free lunged in the arena. She has been started on ground poles and really enjoys it. Seems like she would do well in dressage as well. She loves attention. She is calm and quiet on trail rides. Good for the vet/farrier/baths, working on clippers. Loads well. Her coat is a bit faded in the pictures- since no one was planning to show her she has been out in the pasture during the day and the sun has faded her from a jet black to more of a mahogany. She will be in training until sold and her price will go up with training. We are planning to haul her to an open show this weekend just to get her out to see everything. E-mail for more information or pictures! $1800 OBO- good home is a must!!

What do you think? Anyone want her??

More Pictures

T and Blue

Huge thunderstorm from a few weeks ago

K and Missy

New girl Lexy

A's horse Buddy with Hayley and Biscuit

Titan and Gus- little bit of a size difference :)



Advice Please.

I need advice on two things.
First is a horse that I am training called Lexy. She is a very nice little 2 yr old mare that I am training for western pleasure, trail and showmanship. Eventually she will be for a 12 yr old girl (next summer sometime). Today during our showmanship lesson she was doing very well but will not stand with both back legs on the ground. She is constantly resting one. So I started working on that but then noticed that sometimes both feet ARE actually flat on the ground but her fetlocks buckle forward. only one at a time and she can stand with it correctly but prefers to have it buckled forward. I will work on getting some pictures of it today. It looks almost like she is resting her foot but her hoof is completely flat on the ground. When she does put it back in place it looks like it pops back into place. Very strange.
Second- I have a building that is about 30'x50' (maybe a little bigger) and originally I was going to put some stalls in it and use it as hay storage. However I am getting more and more frustrated with not being able to do anything when it rains and then not being able to do much for a few days after while things dry out. I was thinking today that maybe I would just turn it into a small (very small) indoor arena for a while until I can actually afford to build a bigger barn with a big attached indoor. I am figuring that I wouldn't be able to do much, if any, canter work in there but I could lunge, do walk/trot, showmanship and other ground work. It would allow me to at least do something in the winter as well as right now the horses get from December to February off since the ground is so frozen and everything. Also it would mean that I don't have to cancel lessons for 2 days every time it rains. My outdoor is dirt and gets slick really fast. What do you guys think? Is that way to small to even consider putting the work into it? It already has a roof, electricity, and 1 side with big sliding double doors. So I would just need to add 3 sides, lights, footing (it is just dirt right now), and a 1/2 wall all the way around. Then if I ever decided to turn it into a barn I would just have to pull out the footing and put in stalls. I just don't know if it would be worth it for that small of space.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Missy Pictures!

Yes that's right! There are pictures!! Thank you to the Sony help page!
Here are some of the shots I got of Missy.

NOOOOOO!!!!! (eventually turning to tears...)

I accidentally deleted ALL the photos on my camera. I am SO mad. I have pictures of Fiance's visit and LOADS of other pictures. There were 856 pictures on the camera and now there are ZERO. We had just finished taking some AMAZING pictures of Missy free jumping to post on her for sale ad. They were freaking AWESOME and I am an idiot and now they are gone.
I do blame it all on K.
Does anyone know if there is any way to recover pictures that you have inadvertently deleted????? PLEASE?!?!?!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Brick Wall

Today has been frustrating so far.
I feel like Titan and I have hit a wall and with my knee I really can't push him very hard. I don't want him to learn to get away with things but I am fairly one sided with pretty much no right knee. I REALLY want lessons again but am struggling to find someone that is at a higher level than me in the area. It seems that every one that offers lessons around here has pretty much the same experience as I do or in some cases less. I will keep up my search because I feel like I am not really learning anything right now and I don't want my current level to be where I am at forever. I am constantly looking for ways to become a more well rounded and better rider. Any ideas if I can't find any instructors/trainers around here?


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

17 year olds and pretty black mares...

Fiancee left on Monday- very sad. I hate when he goes back to England- plus it means I won't get a decent night sleep for at least a week.
On a positive note though I have a girl from NJ living with me for the next month. She was one of my students at the camp out in NY. It was in the works for a while for her to come out but I wasn't sure if it was going to happen so I was trying not to get my hopes up. Lets call her K. K is 17 and was at camp for 3 of the years I was there and teaching. She is a great little rider and I think riding everyday and riding so many different horses will be great for her. M is bringing back SeaBiscuit for K to ride. It works out well for both sides as K will have a project and Biscuit will get some extra time under saddle. I will keep you updated there.
Missy came back tonight. She has a potential buyer coming to see her on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed that they are as nice as they sound and that they love her. Because if they are nice and don't love her they won't buy her and if they are crazy and do love her I won't let them buy her. Even if they don't end up deciding to buy her K is very excited to get on her in the next few days and already decided that SHE should buy her. 17 year olds and pretty black mares... I tell you. Well, Ok really 17 year old girls and any horse.... who am I kidding I want 1/2 the horses I see too. Hmmm. Night!