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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pain in the Neck

Seriously. I was driving to the airport on Wednesday and after getting frustrated with my horrible mapquest directions I chucked that page out the window. I know probably not the best idea but I was in the middle of nowhere and the directions were proceeding to get me more lost and I just had to. It made me feel better for a second until I remembered that my cell had no credit. So I had to pull over in a parking lot and do the little call in thing to add money to my phone. Then I called C and she got me 'unlost'. I finally got to the airport and pulled up in the front and then realized that K has no idea what my car looks like. So then I think 'OK I will just put my flashers on and run in really quickly' then I look up and see a sign that says UNATTENDED VEHICLES WILL BE TOWED. So that idea is out. So then I have to drive all the way back out of the airport to pull into the short term parking and I head inside. K is sitting waiting for me. As we head back out to the car I explain the whole story of why I was a bit late and she laughs. At least she was amused even if I was not.

Then on the drive home I turned my head and I insist that I broke my neck. Now considering that my head is still attached I don't actually think I did but it hurt pretty badly. So Thursday afternoon was spent at the chiropractors. He is a nice guy- he actually my sister's best friend's brother... the joy of small towns. So he adjusts my neck (something I hate having done) and manages to do it without me getting super tense and making things worse. So all in all that was a pretty good visit.

Joe and Hayley are settling in nicely. They have become fast friends. Hayley couldn't care less if Joe is around but Joe acts like he is missing a leg if she is taken away. He has been spending some time tied up alone to combat the 'Oh My God! I Can't Be Alone!' syndrome. Hayley is working wonderfully. She is an old pony horse for a racetrack before they decided to breed her (for 9 years straight). So she hasn't been ridden in 9 years and seems a bit confused as to why I want to ride her but she does try. We are working really hard on bending and being supple. She bends really well to the left and leg yields to the left but to the right- Nothing. She does not bend to the right she does not leg yield. It took me almost 20 minutes just to get her to bend her head around to the right. She is slowly understanding what I want and is attempting to do it but it is going to take a LONG time. She does have an awesome smooth trot and can settle into a little jog or extend out well. Yesterday we finally got the left lead (oh yeah- she would only pick up her right lead). I am excited to get out there and work with her everyday as she is becoming quite the fun project (apparently this is my Thunder replacement).

Joe is Joe. He is even fatter than Hayley and when I picked him up on Wednesday his mane and tail were SOLID in burrs and his body was completely covered in manure. After about an hour of grooming and a 1/3 bottle of baby oil he is looking much better. I am struggling because I am only supposed to have him for about a month but I don't want to take him back there. He is severely over fed (which is better than underfed but still unhealthy) he hadn't been trimmed since I had him last fall (his owners insist that his feet just break off naturally) he probably hadn't been groomed since I had him last fall and I know for a fact that he hasn't been ridden. We are taking it slow to get him back into shape. He (along with Hayley) is on a strict diet. He gets some form of exercise everyday, though he doesn't get worked for long at all because he is so overweight. It is sad to see a horse that I had in such great condition and that was working SO well just dumped out in the pasture. Maybe I will see if they just want to let me keep him...



Blogger Jean said...

Ouchers. Went to the chiropractor this morning myself for neck pain. My sympathy.

Why do places like airports make it so hard to park, etc?

As for Mapquest. Usually it works, but certainly, it doesn't take you anywhere by the best route. I now have a GPS navigator and it really does seem to work well.

Poor Joe sounds as if he needs some tender loving care, and some good work. He might be a good prospect for you to work with. At least then he'd have some muscles instead of flab, and a nicely groomed coat.

October 27, 2008 at 1:01 PM  
Blogger Cbaby said...

How long do you get to keep Haley? This horse would be perfect if she wasn't that old. I'd like to try more on her next time I come out.

October 28, 2008 at 1:13 PM  

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