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Sunday, October 19, 2008

I love Saturdays and Sundays are good too.

Yesterday was great. I worked from 10-2. I am quite enjoying the job as we just sit and chat about books when we aren't helping customers.
Then I came home and worked with Titan. He was amazing. It was like something in his head clicked. We had nice round circles (no more cutting in nonsense, thanks Jean!). He had nice even gaits, extended out when I asked (he prefers to just jog along rather that extend out into a proper trot), flat knee, deep hock- It was AMAZING! I was so proud of him. I also played with a heavy western saddle pad with him. Bumping him all over his body, throwing it up on his back, bumping his legs, he could not have cared less. He was such a good boy.
After that I went to a nearby town where they were having a haunted hayride. I was one of the people at a station scaring people. It was so much fun! I actually got hit in the face by one lady when I scared her and she swung her arm at me- I think it was a reflex to the Freddie mask I was wearing. A good night was had by all and they raised LOADS of money for the new playground and park! My throat still kills today from so much screaming.
Today I got up and worked around the house then my cousins stopped in for a little visit. After that I went out and worked in the barn with T for a bit. Then 2 friends came out to see the horses but one brought her non-horsey boyfriend (boring) and so didn't stay long which was a bummer because I hadn't seen her in a while. Then 1 friend and T stayed for dinner and we played parcheesi. It was a pretty nice day. Titan worked well but was a little distracted at the loads of people watching him as the friends, T, and several neighbors were all there.

I also got my new memory card in the mail this week so there will be many more pictures soon! But until then here are some new kitten pictures. They are getting SO big and started opening their eyes this week (don't worry I didn't use the flash in their tiny little eyes). I named Lucy right away and had no clue what to call the others. My friends 2 year old daughter named Norman and Walter (I know funny names for a 2 year old to pick), my neighbors 2 year old granddaughter named Simba (even though the kitten is a girl, we don't care) and then Boyfriend named Marty.

All 5- (l to r) Norman, Simba, Marty, Lucy, Walter

Miss Lucy

Simba, Marty, Norman and 1/2 of Walter



Mama- taking a break and hanging out in the office with me while I write.

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Blogger Jean said...

Ooooh....aaaahhhhh....(traditional "adore the kitties" sounds.) They are such cuties. Were I closer, I might want to snatch an orange boy...no...I do not need another kitty....no...I do not need another kitty....*lol*

Great news about some progress with Titan. The right body language really works. Have to laugh about the "just jog along," as Tucker likes to do the same unless I really encourage him to go on the lunge. I used to have an extra long telescoping lunge whip which could reach all the way out on a full sized circle. It came in handy as "encouragement."

Long lining, with a bit, bridle, surcingle, and long lines is a fabulous way to start a young horse and prepare for riding. When I first started my Toby, I lined him a lot. I had a young trainer do some of the first rides. When she first rode him she insisted he couldn't be a green horse because he already steered, stopped, etc. as if he'd been schooled for years. I think she had him cantering on the second ride and never had a lick of trouble.

October 20, 2008 at 8:15 PM  

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