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Sunday, October 12, 2008

First thing First

Ok- First thing first- Mama had the 6th baby and it was a stillborn. Mama is doing fine and the other 5 kittens are growing very quickly!

This weekend was great. One aunt came up from Illinois to help paint and brought my 2 cousins with her and the other came from about an hour north of here. My sister also came up for the weekend. I am so lucky that they took the time to drive up to hang out with me and paint my new bedroom. We had a great time. The room is looking spectacular and I will post photos as soon as I have the bed in there. We found an old bed out in our big shed and I am going to paint it ivory (instead of just the metal frame that I had before). I have barely gotten started on that but the walls are done and I am in the process of moving my stuff upstairs.

Titan has had the weekend off and will get back to work tomorrow. I miss him even though I see him about 10 times a day, I haven't really worked him in several days.


Blogger Jean said...

So sorry about the 6th kitten, but as long as Mama is OK, then it's OK too. Finding good homes for five is hard enough.

Can't wait to see the bedroom. It really should be lovely.

And Titan will be just fine. My Boys are getting time off too--totally unplanned--and they are quite happy about it. *G*

October 12, 2008 at 5:30 PM  

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