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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lovely day.

So this morning K and I really did nothing. I spoke to Boyfriend on the phone but besides that and doing chores we just sat and read. It was a lovely Sunday morning. Then at 2:00 K, C and I went for a trail ride out around the pond (I love this place more and more everyday). C rode Hayley, who was a doll, K rode Rocky, who was a bit of an ass, and I rode Midnight (now being called just Night), who was pretty good over all but we had some issues jogging instead of walking once we were headed back in the direction of the barn. I really wish I would remember to take my camera out with me as there would have been some fun pics. We saw several deer and the horses couldn't have cared less. C was a bit nervous on the bigger hills but Hayley took good care of her.
There is a chance of me getting in another training horse soon which would be good because Joe and Hayley won't be here much longer. She sounds like she would be fun. She is little- only about 14.2 and is 7 but only green broke. I'll see what comes of this and keep you posted. Oh- Her name is Missy.
K has just informed me that she wants to take a ride in the washing machine to try and figure out how bras get so tangled. It is a question I often wonder but never got to the point of wanting to watch the whole wash cycle to figure it out.
Titan was super today. His 'whoa' has gotten really good and he not only stops on the voice command but actually tucks his bum a bit and stops on his haunches rather than pegging his front legs into the ground. I don't know if that made sense. He has now had a saddle fully on and didn't give it a second thought and just went through his workout like nothing was different that any time before. This week when K and I go out trail riding I think I will saddle Titan and take him along. He has been out there before many times but I want him to be very used to the saddle by the time winter comes and causes a large pause in my training sessions with him. I am not looking forward to winter...

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Blogger Jean said...

If you watch the washing machine carefully, you will see the tiny gremlins frolicking about. They're the ones that steal socks and tangle straps. *G*

So nice to go out on a good trail ride. Good for the horses too. It's one of the best ways to train.

Ponying Titan out there in his saddle would be great experience for him. By the time he's ready to ride he'll be a trail master! Seems he already has a good head on his shoulders. *S*

November 3, 2008 at 4:48 PM  

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