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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good old Fugly.

I was reading the post on one of my favorite blogs, Fugly Horse of the Day, and loved today's post- if you haven't read it check it out.
I was also thinking that with the new 28 acre pasture we have just finished I have more of an ability to help than I had previously thought. I only have 6 horses on the pasture now and would be more than willing to take on a few more to help someone out. It would be a huge bonus if it was a horse that would be suitable for lessons but definitely not a requirement.
If there is anyone in northeast Iowa who needs an inexpensive place to keep their horse or even needs help in finding a horse a new home I would be more than willing to help out. Just post a comment and I will get you my phone number so we can chat and you can come check the place out!


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