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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sorry I am so awful at this.

I apologise to everyone for how horrible I have been at posting in the past few (maybe more) months. Things have been crazy busy around here- well that is until last Wednesday. Let me back up a bit.
May was lovely, crazy busy but lovely nonetheless. I worked at the hospital 5 days a week and then was training horses every day after work and on my days off. I took T, A, J and M (all lesson girls) to their first hunter schooling show at the end of May. It was so much fun. I am very proud of all of them- they all did very well. Notice the 'cult' haircut. My trainer used to make us wear our hair in these horrible buns and I vowed to never make my girls do that but they did need to have their hair out of their faces and thus the braids. I will put the pictures in another post because I have loads.
June started out great. I taught a clinic for the local 4-H club. I think I got several new potential clients out of it so that's awesome! But then last week I went off a training horse and messed up my knee. I am in a knee immobilizer and on crutches. I started physical therapy yesterday and my therapist is worried that I have actually torn the medial collateral ligament- which would mean surgery. I am continuing therapy and we as going to kind of wait and see how things pan out. They would like me to have an MRI but I am putting it off for a bit if I can because Boyfriend comes on Sunday!
I am bored out of my mind here at the house. I went from working full time at the hospital and training horses/giving lessons 6 hours a day to not being able to do ANYTHING. I can barely do laundry because I can't carry it up and down the stairs. I have taken to throwing it down the laundry chute and then convincing unsuspecting guests to carry it back upstairs for me. T has been great as she stops in and helps with dishes and such. C has been great about coming to get me to take me with her to the movies and last night to the parade. If I failed to mention it is my right knee so I am not supposed to drive. I did drive with my injured leg on the passengers seat and controlling the pedals with my left foot to PT but I don't think I will be doing that again as it didn't seem like the safest thing in the world.
Titan is great. It is killing me not to be able to ride him.


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