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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I have a confession.

So being stuck in the house for a week I am quickly running out of things to do.
  • I lay out on the porch every day and read so I have a nice knee immobilizer tan line (I have finished 4 books- will post one for the Book List sometime this week).
  • I attempt to clean (difficult when you can't even bend over to pick stuff up).
  • I vacuumed the dog bed- easily done because I could sit on the floor to do it (did I tell you all I got a new vacuum? It is little but freakishly powerful- and green, I like it).
  • I watch at least 2 episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210 (the original) everyday, I wasn't allowed to watch it when I was younger and always felt that I missed something. Now that I am watching it I'm not so sure I did miss much but it is entertaining (and on twice a day on SOAP net).
  • I crutch out to visit the horses at least 15 times a day (I am going to have freakishly strong arms when I am off the crutches, also I think the horses are getting bored of me).
  • I check Facebook (and now blogger about 10 times a day).
  • I still don't e-mail the people that I should because I am far too lazy not because I don't miss them
  • I feed the dogs 4 or so times a day (it is OK Chance still needs to put on a little weight)
  • I try to load the dishwasher- I have almost fallen into it several times but loading is still way easier than unloading.
  • I do laundry- this one will keep me busy for a while as I don't think I have done laundry in close to a few weeks. I have A LOT of clothes and despise laundry, or maybe I have a lot of clothes because I despise laundry. Never really though of it that way...
  • I constantly shop for horses that I can't afford, along with trailers, barns, tack, show clothes..... all things I can't currently afford.
  • I make decisions like that I want to move the stupid broken TV out of the office and tidy up in here a bit- but of course I can't carry the stupid broken TV anywhere.
  • I was going to scrapbook a bit but then realized I haven't gotten my pictures from last summer printed.
  • I hard boiled an entire carton of eggs.
  • I let Chance and Tess lay on the bed because I am bored and lonely.
  • I folded the huge pile of clean clothes that I have had sitting on boyfriends side of the bed for about 3 weeks now (probably from the last time I did laundry). There wasn't much there because I was wearing things straight from the pile. Hey they were clean.
  • Here is the kicker though, the actual confession- this one will excite my sister as she loves anything weddingish. I have never been the type of girl that liked to look at wedding dresses or such because I had no reason to. I never saw the appeal in finding the dress and then not even having the ring. But the past few days I have been lured away from Facebook by wedding sites and have spent more than my fair share of time going through dresses and such. Which I suppose is fine since Boyfriend and I have been together for just under two years and I do see us getting married someday. I just still felt a little silly sitting here at a computer with my leg on the chair next to me looking at dresses when chances are that when I actually need to look at dresses I would much rather just go to a store. It was fun and entertained me for several hours, though I have to say I am quite picky and didn't like a lot of what is out there. Especially the bridesmaid dresses- are they designed to look bad so that the bride looks better? If so that is dumb. Every dress I saw was pretty ugly- maybe I would just let them pick their own dresses. I have always told my sister that she will be in charge of the planning. I want to help with big things but I don't want to deal with stuff like what color the chairs are- who cares? Bring a blanket as you will all be sitting on the ground if I have to do it myself.


Blogger Jean said...

Tarnation, woman. Just caught up and now I am all upset about your knee. I do not have an anterior cruciate ligament in either of my knees, but I have a feeling a medial collateral tear would be unstable in an even worse way.

I have a super doctor here in NJ who does PRP therapy and prolotherapy, both of which help me tremendously but now, my medical insurance will not cover such treatment any more and I can't afford it otherwise. (I am featured in the video on his website at www.dremagaziner.com) Don't know whether such therapy would help you, but check into it. Depends on whether you have a partial tear or not. My ligaments are totally gone.

I wish you well, no matter what. Bummer that you are laid up when you could be riding Titan the Sweet. Must be so frustrating. My sympathy and cyberhugs of support.

Maybe you could spend your time writing that Great American Novel?

June 11, 2009 at 7:41 PM  
Blogger alissa said...

for some reason i totally have this vision of exactly what i think your dress would look like.
i have wedding esp. hahaha

June 11, 2009 at 9:03 PM  

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