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Monday, February 16, 2009

New Pony in the Pasture!

This is 'Blue'. He is a new project horse that I picked up yesterday. He is a 17hh, grulla appaloosa gelding. He is registered (Code Name Blue is his registered name) and has some alright breeding pretty far back but nothing in the recent past. He is fairly well built. He has decent ground maners but will need a bit of a refresher there. He has a few issues under saddle but they seem to stem from people issues not his own brain. He is in desperate need of a trim as his hooves look like dinner plates so when I rode today we just walked around and worked on whoa and turning/stretching/bending. I am having the farrier out this week. He was a bit nervous but did really well. He played with the bit quite a lot so I am going to have the vet out to check his teeth as well but it could also be that it was just a plain fat D-ring snaffle and he was ridden in he past with a french double twist something or other, she couldn't remember the actual name of the bit. He was fine in the snaffle so I don't know what the point of putting anything with a twist in was, maybe they were just intimidated by his size...? I was told his teeth were done this fall but who knows- never hurts to have the vet take a look in there. He really wants to please and just hang out in your pocket and be loved on so hopefully with some training and experience under his girth he will be able to become the center of somone's attention. I will keep you updated as we get on in his training!


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