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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Saddle up!

I saddled Love for the first time last week. We have been working on getting used to the saddle pad and everything for a while now but this was the first day with the saddle. She could not have cared less.
I did our usual routine with the saddle pad. On and off on and off for a while. She was visibly falling asleep. So I brought out the saddle. She pricked up her ears and sniffed it. Then closed her eyes and continued napping. I rubbed it all over her and she didn't open her eyes once. So I set it on her back. Still- eyes closed. It wasn't until I shifted the weight left to right a few times that she finally opened her eyes. Even if only to give me a dirty look for interrupting her nap.
On and off and on and off- still no response. So I tossed it on and pulled the girth across her belly. Nothing. So again. Nothing. Finally I gave up getting any response and cinched the girth. Tight enough that the saddle wouldn't slide if she bolted/bucked (not seeming likely at this point) but not tight enough that someone could mount. At this she did open her eyes and crank her head around to check out what I was doing. Sniffed the girth and saddle, nuzzled me and then just stood there.
I asked her to walk forward and she did, no problems. I asked her to trot on the lunge line and she did, no problems. So I asked her to go into the lope. You guys are all getting excited thinking 'here come the fireworks!' but no. Sorry to disappoint you. She loped off just fine. We stopped and reversed and did the same thing in the other direction, again no reaction.
I decided that was enough for the day so we stopped and I unsaddled her. She nuzzled my hands and my cheek and then proceeded to go back to sleep while I groomed her.
What a weirdo. A very good weirdo but a bit of a weirdo none the less.



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