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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Brick Wall

Today has been frustrating so far.
I feel like Titan and I have hit a wall and with my knee I really can't push him very hard. I don't want him to learn to get away with things but I am fairly one sided with pretty much no right knee. I REALLY want lessons again but am struggling to find someone that is at a higher level than me in the area. It seems that every one that offers lessons around here has pretty much the same experience as I do or in some cases less. I will keep up my search because I feel like I am not really learning anything right now and I don't want my current level to be where I am at forever. I am constantly looking for ways to become a more well rounded and better rider. Any ideas if I can't find any instructors/trainers around here?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read and watch videos, go to shows and watch people ride, audit clinics - none of these are substitutes for taking lessons with a competent instructor, but they can give you good ideas and even broaden your horizons with inputs from other disciplines.

July 5, 2009 at 5:00 PM  
Blogger Jean said...

I don't know any trainers out there, but one suggestion. I am an Ansur saddle distributor and I've traveled to many barns here in NJ. There is an Iowa Ansur rep (West Des Moines) Go to the Ansur website and look under distributors for contact information. She may know of trainers/riders in the state. Ansur makes dressage, event, hunter, and western saddles, so there's a pretty broad range of potential customers.

Are there shows close by. Sometimes if you go, you can watch for trainers schooling their riders. Another option would be the USEF or USDF directory. I think trainers are listed. You can get information at the websites. I've also found the USEF office people pretty nice to talk to, so maybe they could help you out.

Sometimes too, even a rider who is on your level can help out. Of course it depends on their experience and the kind of horses they've ridden/trained. But a second pair of eyes on the ground can always be useful. Could you work out some kind of trade deal or share thing where you help each other more as encouragment than anything.

As for the knee. (I have two really bad ones--totally blown ACL in both--so I sympathize.) I have seen horses work beautifully for handicapped riders who cannot use their legs at all. And, when women ride sidesaddle, they do not have a right leg at all, so Titan can certainly learn to go well for you no matter what your weakness.

You'll do it. Just don't lose faith in yourself or in that lovely young horse of yours!!

July 5, 2009 at 9:37 PM  

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