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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Mama is in her box having her kittens as I type. I am excited to see how many she has and what they look like and to find them new homes. This was not planned. I am not a cat breeder nor am I an irresponsible cat owner that just lets them multiply. My two cats are both spayed. However, Mama (originally called Cleo until I found out she was pregnant) showed up in my barn a few months ago. I walked into the barn and instantly she was twisting her body around my legs and purring.
Let me tell you that my cats (and most my friends and family's cats) have come from being dumped in my ditch. People think oh it will be so fun for 'Fluffy' to have babies! Then once the kittens are old enough they can't find homes for them and they drive out in the country and dump them in the ditch. ALL of my cats in the past, present (and it is looking like future) have been dump cats.
Anyway Mama was extremely friendly so I gave her some food and let her hang out in the barn. The vet was coming that week anyway for Titan so I figured when he came he could give her the shots that she needed and check her out. Then I would make an appointment to have her fixed. But as luck would have it she was already pregnant. So here we are with the babies being born in the back hall in a box as I speak. I will find homes for them, some of them are already spoken for. She will be having an appointment with the vet SOON. No more babies Mama. Her name will then go from being Mama/Cleo to just Cleo.
Now I am going to sneak in and see how many there are! She doesn't mind me being there and just purrs the whole time but I figured I would leave her alone for a bit.
I will post more pictures as there are more babies.
3 babies!

Then there were 4!
Now there are 5! You have to count the heads as they are all piled together.

I am thinking we will end on six.


Blogger Jean said...

Was it six? I too had a mommy cat show up here and have her litter. Now, she is spayed and hopefully, hanging out next door. (I see her every now and then.) I do have papa here, but he is too feral to catch and, unfortunately, escaped from the trap I'd set. I think he's too wise to fall for that again.

October 7, 2008 at 8:17 PM  
Blogger Polka Dot Ponies said...

We are still at 5 but I can feel another one in there. I am going to call the vet if she hasn't had it by morning. She still hasn't had the afterbirth so there is a chance it is alive yet. I will let you know more tomorrow!

October 7, 2008 at 11:59 PM  

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