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Monday, December 15, 2008

Poor Chance.

After today I can say with certainty that Chance has been more than neglected, he has been physically abused as well. We weren't really sure if he was just severely neglected or also physically beaten. Today we were hanging out upstairs. I was sitting on the floor with Chance in my lap (or as much of him that fits) watching Mo play with one of the plants, which drives Boyfriend crazy because Mo spills dirt everywhere. So after Mo spilled a considerable amount of dirt Boyfriend went to grab the broom to clean up the mess and when he came back around the corner Chance yelped and ran over by the couch to hide while shaking all over. I went over and cuddled him and talked to him and he calmed down a little bit. Then I asked Boyfriend to bring the broom over and lay it down about 5 feet from Chance and I. Chance started shaking again and buried his head in my lap while making a terrified throaty noise almost like a little kid crying. We sat and loved on him telling him he was ok. He continued to shake for several minutes.
I had noticed in the past that if you move too quickly he would duck to get away from you or if you shouted, even just shouting for Tess to come inside, he would cower. So we had been moving slowly and whistling for Tess instead of shouting, etc. Doing that has seemed to help and the broom today must have just brought out some horrible memory.

To whomever abused Chance:
I hope that someday you are at the mercy of someone who does not give a rats ass about you. I hope they treat you the same way you treated my poor defenseless dog. I hope they forget to feed you or water you; I hope they chain you up in a yard with a 50 pound chain around your neck and a dog house that is nothing but plywood in a state where the winters drop to -30 and lower; I hope they smack you around with a broom handle and who knows what else. I hope that someday you know how he felt when he saw you coming. Tonight he has a full belly, a warm bed and a loving family; all you have is the guilt over what you did to him.
His new loving family.



Blogger Jean said...

Oh, you have made me cry.

My horse, PJ, had been abused at the track, I am sure. I think the grooms must have hit him with the manure fork as when I got him, he would actually attack me if I went in the stall with a fork in my hand. It took years for him to get over it. (He has passed on now but was one of the gentlest, kindest horses you would ever want to meet on the ground.)

Just keep "working" your Chance with the broom whenever you can, giving him all those cuddles and telling him, both with your voice and with "visions" in your head of absolute safety in your care. Hopefully he will recover his faith in humans sooner than later with all that love and reassurance.

I am so sad for his having suffered so much in the past. May God carry your message to those evil people and stab it into their souls, marking them for their just desserts.

Please, please, please give Chance a hug for me and tell him that miles away, I am thinking of him and sending special love his way.

December 16, 2008 at 4:42 PM  
Blogger Jean said...

Another thought the next morning....any way to make a "boom handle" toy for Chance to wrestle with? Perhaps if he could play tug o'war with the handle he might be able to get over some of his fears. Let him "attack" the evil broom and make peace with it.

I am sure the fear is deep seated, but I am also equally sure you guys are going to rid him of it. His sadness is haunting me.

Sending another hug.

December 17, 2008 at 6:40 AM  
Blogger sarahh said...

made me cry too, it makes my blood boil that there are so many people out there who harm animals

December 17, 2008 at 10:05 AM  

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