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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kitten Clarification.

Mo is actually from the litter that was born this summer.
Full Story:
Last year when I was in England T called and said there was a 'dump cat' living in the barn. Dump cat is what we call cats that have clearly been family pets and suddenly show up at the farm because people will literally drive down the road and dump their unwanted pets in my ditch. It is how ALL of my cats came to be living with me. So anyway- T asked if we could keep the cat as a barn cat and I said no because I couldn't really afford another cat at the time. So T talked to her parents and they agreed to pay for dump cat (who became known as Cleo) to live here. That included shots, food and getting her spayed. Well by the time I got home from England she had not been spayed yet and was pregnant. So when the vet came out to geld Titan I had him give Cleo her shots and he confirmed that she was indeed pregnant. So the kittens were born about a week before I left for New York for camp (5 of them). You aren't supposed to spay a cat right after it has kittens so we had to wait a few weeks and I was going to be in New York. T was supposed to get Cleo (now known as Mama) spayed ASAP but she didn't. By the time I got back from New York Mama was pregnant again. She had another 5 kittens. I found a home for 1 from the first litter and 1 from the second litter but was not having much help from T and her family in finding them homes. Last week after asking T to come over and clean up the mud room about 10 times (this is where the 2nd batch was living since it was too cold for them to be outside) I lost it. I cleaned the room myself and left T a message that they needed to come and get the kittens. I had even begun billing them for the cat food since they weren't providing enough. They came to pick them up and I kept one from the 1st litter (since I figure the little ones will be easier to find homes for at the shelter). So they ended up taking 4 kittens from the 2nd litter, 3 from the 1st litter and Mama to the shelter. They decided not to keep Mama because it was going to cost $70 to spay her. If they had decided that in the beginning I wouldn't have had to clean up after 11 cats for months but I suppose then I also wouldn't have Mo and Chance wouldn't have his best friend.



Blogger Jean said...

Aha! That explains Mo' size. I thought he was a baby tiger or something. *JK*

I've taken in a few dump cats myself. Horrible thing for people to do, though.

I managed to get our little stray female spayed before she had her second litter. I got the kittens into a good rescue and the rescue took mommy to the vet for me. I think she has settled herself at my neighbor's house as I rarely see her here.

December 6, 2008 at 5:26 PM  

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