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Monday, November 17, 2008


So I was supposed to go and visit Chance today and the lady that runs the shelter called this morning and told me that she had checked my references and that I got a 'glowing' reference from my vet. She also said that I was at the top of their list to adopt Chance (I was so excited). Then she told me that if I wanted to take him home today on somewhat of a trial run I was more than welcome to.

I went over to see Chance and took Tess with me. He is such a sweetheart! He thinks he should be a lap dog that can just cuddle with you all the time. After picking him up we met C in town to go to PetSmart to pick up an elevated bowl, a gentle leader (basically a halter for a dog just because he is so big) and Lots and Lots of food. I also got them each a chew bone. Since it is PetSmart the dogs got to come in and shop with us and Chance was thrilled. They were both thrilled when the cashier asked if she could give each of them a treat. I also ran into a guy that used to breed great danes and he gave me his name and number and said that if I ever had any questions to just give him a call and ask. Some people are so nice.

He was great in the car but since he is so big he takes up almost the entire backseat so Tess sat up front with me. When we got home we played in the yard for a while (with Chance on a leash since I don't know him that well yet). He met the horses and tried to lick Titan's nose. Titan wasn't sure how to respond to that so he just snorted and then went back to sniffing Chance.

Chance had a big lunch and is very quickly getting used to the fact that he can help himself to food when he is hungry, No more skinny dog! He and Tess are getting along great and he is learning to play gentle since she is so much smaller than him (his shoulders are almost to my hip).

He is slowly starting to listen to me a bit better. I think at first he was just too excited. We will be doing some refreshers on all of his commands. But for tonight I am content just to hang out with him and Tess on the floor and watch a movie or something as of right now he is in the living room on the floor pillows with Tess enjoying his chew bone. He seems happy to have a new family. I think that this 'trial' is going to turn into forever pretty quickly!


Blogger Jean said...

Way cool!!! I was wondering who you were going to pick. The Great Danes I have known have all been lovers.

Isn't it amazing how fast a new "pup" can adapt to a home when he knows there is love all around. I to think "forever" is just around the corner--like tomorrow. *G*

Please, please, give him a big hug from Jean in Jersey. We may be miles away, but my heart is rooting for you both...whoops and Tess too.

November 17, 2008 at 6:07 PM  

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