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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


In January of 2005 my mom was diagnosed with AML, a form of leukemia. She passed away from it in July of 2005. In her memory I knit hats. I have been doing this now for about 3 years. I donate many of the hats to patients in the hospital that are suffering from different forms of cancer. I also sell some and donate the profits to the Leukemia Research Foundation in my moms name.

I have never before listed the hats on Ebay but I have about 300 hats at my house and although I am going to make a hospital run soon, I can usually only take about 60-75 to the hospital at a time as they have no where to store them. Also I am running out of friends and family that want to buy knit hats as many of them now have several.

I decided to list some of the hats on Ebay and see how they do. If they sell well I am going to continue to list them on Ebay, if not I will go back to selling them privately.
I know that nothing can bring my mom back but I enjoy knowing that I can do something for people that may be diagnosed with this and similar diseases in the future. I also like imagining the look on peoples faces when the hats are brought into their hospital room and they are told they get to pick one.

My favorite hats to make are girls hats. I can't even guess how it feels to be a young girl and on top of everything else going on to have your hair fall out. I mostly knit very bright and fun hats and they are all very soft.
Some are very thick and warm while others are fairly thin so that they can be worn inside.

If you are interested in seeing the hats I have listed you can just follow this link.
I am also getting rid of some of my extra yarns as I have more that double what is for sale from donations and splurging on yarn sales. That money will go to the research foundation. Once I am able to use all of the yarn currently taking over my house then I will purchase more. I probably have about 100 hats worth of yarn sitting around and I am just not that fast at knitting.
If you are interested or know of someone that may be please pass on my post or the link. If you know of someone battling cancer and would like to have a hat sent to them I am more than willing to do that if you pay postage and the address is a hospital address.
Happy New Year!


Blogger Jean said...

Are the hats wool? A can't wear wool. Any of them acrylic yarn??

I'd bid on one if I knew it wasn't wool. Great idea, regardless and certainly lovely gift in memory of your mother. Gorgeous colors!

January 1, 2009 at 9:44 PM  
Blogger Polka Dot Ponies said...

I am pretty sure they are all acrylic because in the beginning any made with wool were irritating patients heads. Plus wool isn't as soft!
I am going to be listing more adult hats this week as most of those listed are kid sized. Let me know if you like certain colors and I will see if I can find one in those colors!

January 2, 2009 at 9:12 AM  

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