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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quick Post

Just a quick post before I head off to work. My internet is down at home because of the snow storm on Monday night so I have stopped by a friends to check e-mail and ebay;).
Chance is doing better with the broom but is also terrified of the cardboard tube that wrapping paper is on. He has certainly become a one person dog. He loves Boyfriend but gets upset if I leave him inside when I go out or if I leave him out when I go in. Boyfriend says that Chance checks the front door and driveway about every 20 minutes when I am gone like he is waiting for me to come home.
Bit of a horse emergency yesterday evening. Gus (T's weanling) jumped the fence and sliced his leg open. I meant to get some pictures before it was stitched but forgot right after the thought entered my head. It is a 3 rail wood fence and no boards are down but we figured out he jumped by the hoof prints in the snow. It looks like he jumped and then slid on the landing catching his fetlock on something under the snow. He got about 6 or 7 mattress stitches and is bandaged up for the next few days. When I found him it was gushing but thanks to the cold and the fresh clean snow I packed onto it I was able to slow the bleeding fairly quickly. T's dad grabbed the trailer and we hauled him into the vet for his stitches. Never a dull day on the farm!
I have to run to work but I will post again as soon as I get near a computer with internet that is working!


Blogger Jean said...

Now, a cardboard tube is something Chance could rip to shreds if you convince him it's OK to do that. Might be good therapy.

Or, you could rip one to shreds in front of him to demo and then let him have one. If he has power over the evil object, he might feel more confident.

I suspect some of Chance's anxiety about your leaving will lessen as time goes on. Each time you do leave, tell him where you are going, about when you will be back, and then put a picture in your mind of your coming back in through the door.

Never underestimate his ability to understand what you are telling him. The best communication with our animals comes when we believe they will understand us.

Glad you were there for the little horse. Sure helps to have a nurse around when you need one. As long as it's only stitches and nothing more, he should be fine. Still, it's always a worry when they get hurt.

Wonder why he decided to jump out in the first place. There's no "grass is greener" this time of year. *sigh*

December 18, 2008 at 12:05 PM  

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