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Friday, November 28, 2008


Today has been interesting so far. I had to be at work at 6:45 so was up around 5. Then after work I got home and played with Tess and Chance. The plan for the afternoon was to CLEAN the house. It isn't super messy but I don't dust or anything like that often (ok- almost never) so I was going to really clean the house today. I started cleaning the kitchen and got a call from some friends to go to a movie. I decided that was more fun than cleaning so I changed my clothes and got in the car. About a mile and a half down the road I turned around. I didn't want to go to a movie. I didn't really even want to see that movie. On top of that it was BEAUTIFUL outside today. Who wants to sit in a movie when it is nice outside? I had gotten so used to it being FREEZING that I automatically agreed and should have thought about it a bit more. So I came back home called to say I wasn't joining them then changed my clothes again and headed out to the barn. No need to waste a nice day cleaning when I could be out working Titan.
So out I went. I got Titan out and gave him a super hard grooming- got lots of dirt and such out. Why is it when you groom a horse that has long winter do they always get dirtier before they get cleaner? By the end he was looking somewhat clean. Dust is dust and there is no use in stressing over it I think. So I wrapped his legs and we headed into the arena. We just did a short lunge session working on transitions and whoa. He did very well and seemed very happy to be back at it. For the past few weeks it was so wet and then it froze then if it was warm enough to work him it was muddy. So this is his first real work in about 2 weeks. We have done grooming type things and stuff like that but hadn't been able to get into the arena. He is still growing like a weed. His rump is now just about an inch or two shorter than me (I am 5'5").
You know when you ask someone to do something and they don't do it for days, then when they finally get to it after you harping on them they do a halfass job? That is very annoying.



Blogger Jean said...

I hate trying to groom horses in the winter. I can never get them clean. One trick I did learn. If you bed in shavings, rub the shavings into the horse's coat and then brush. It takes out a lot of that dust simply won't brush out otherwise.

If Titan is nearly 5'5" at the rump now, he is going to be a big boy. I'd imagine he is having just a little trouble now and then figuring where to put all his body parts when he works. Young horses are so cute that way. He sounds like a sweetie.

November 28, 2008 at 4:33 PM  
Blogger alissa said...

clean the house.

November 28, 2008 at 6:42 PM  

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